Woo-men Plush Toys was a local South African brand that was created in the year 2006 and manufactured until 2013. We had a good run of 8 years! The Woo-men characters were designed by Pete and Elaine Woodbridge of Studio Woo in Cape Town. It was a combination of comic illustration and handcrafts that gave rise to these lovable character toys.

There were 16 quirky characters in the original range. Woo-men had many local and international fans among ‘kidults’ of all ages and people still treasure their quality Woo-men toys. The ladies we trained to make them, are still using the skills they learned today.

The plush toys were also manufactured under license by Heartworks, a Cape Town based enterprise with retail outlets in Salt River and Gardens, and a studio in Woodstock. Heartworks manufactures high quality craft products and creates jobs for skilled sewing ladies from the Western Cape.

Pictured below are Nwabisa, Pete, Rachel, Pamela, Margaret, Papama, Elaine and Simone at the Heartworks studio.

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