Aug 182012
August 2012 Newsflash!
Woo-men are to be manufactured by Heartworks in Cape Town at their Woodstock studio. Studio Woo signed a licensing agreement with Heartworks owner Margaret Woermann, in July this year and a period of handover and training is nearing completion.
Two of the sewing ladies who have worked on Woo-men since the early days have now joined the Heartworks studio. The Heartworks ladies are excited about making Woo-men and have been enthusiastically learning to apply our style and techniques.
Woo-men have been a much-loved success for Pete and Elaine and they are happy to find a new home for them in the warm, capable hands of Heartworks, while they look to new ventures. Future plans are to continue collaborating with Heartworks on new designs, and to work on their core business – Studio Woo (Pty) Ltd – which offers a full range of illustration, art and graphic services.
Pictured here is Elaine with one of the biggest Woo-men ever made. Elaine says, “I’m going to miss making them myself but am truly happy about our new partnership with Heartworks. Woo-men get to live on and keep giving people smiles all over the world”.
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